About us

Our team of qualified, dedicated professionals with international experience supports our clients in achieving their business goals with effective and personalized solutions. The cornerstones of our mission are:

ensuring legal compliance,


innovation and


We carry out our work with the involvement of every stakeholder, thus providing our clients with the highest quality counselling.

We firmly believe that auditing not only ensures compliance with legal requirements but also provides specific, valuable information to the business and financial processes of your company.

By building a relationship of trust together with the right advices and contribution to mandatory disclosures, we assist our clients in achieving their goals smoothly and on the most favourable terms.

Why choose us

Personalized counselling, comprehensive solutions

Complex expertise and diverse industry experience of our advisors

Efficient and client-friendly IT solutions

Practical, professional, one-stop services

Audit and assurance

Audit of annual financial statements

Audit of consolidation packages

Audit of transformations

Appraisal of non-monetary capital contribution

Transaction services

Business appraisal

Transaction advisory

Financial due diligence


Accounting advisory

IFRS advisory

Tax advisory

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