Our quality policy

Innovation and supervision – a guarantee of quality


Our auditing colleague is a registered auditor authorized by the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors, and is also provided with an IFRS certification. The Chamber inspects the operation of all Hungarian auditors, including our company, every 3 years.

In all cases, our colleagues perform their work with the software developed and approved by the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors in accordance with the international professional standards adopted by the Chamber. This guarantees that our company works in accordance with international expectations and that our customers receive high quality services.

No one is infallible, everyone can make mistakes. The chances of two professionals making the same mistake independently however, are negligible. That is why our company carries out each assignment with the involvement of at least two people, who carry out their work by supervising each other’s work and in constant consultation with each other, thus minimizing risks.

Our colleagues regularly attend trainings and online conferences to be up-to-date and be able to answer your questions reliably and help you find your way around complex regulations.

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