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Audit & Assurance

Audit of annual financial statements


For us, auditing is more than a legal obligation which we aim to channel to our clients as well

By building a relationship of trust together with the right advices and contribution to mandatory disclosures, we assist our clients in achieving their goals smoothly and on the most favourable terms.

Audit of consolidation packages


We undertake to audit the consolidation packages to be provided to Groups and to fulfil the related reporting obligations.

We constantly communicate with Group auditors and inform them about issues that have arisen.

Audit of transformations


Numerous issues can arise in connection with a merger, division, or transformation.

In addition to auditing transactions, we also provide extensive professional advice to our clients.

Appraisal of non-monetary capital contribution


In case of a capital increase, to protect the shareholders, it is necessary to determine the market value of the asset to be transferred the company and to have it approved by the auditor.

Contact us for our appraisal services as well.

As companies expand their operations across borders and engage with international stakeholders, adherence to internationally recognized accounting standards becomes essential. This is particularly true for companies listed on stock exchanges within the European Union, where IFRS accounting is obligatory. Read more…

Transaction services

Business appraisal


Are you about to change ownership, restructure, list on the stock exchange and want to know the fair value of your company?

You can be assisted by our experts who have years of experience in business valuation.

Transaction advisory


The following questions are regularly asked in connection with transactions such as acquisitions, mergers, liquidations or IPOs:

What is the fair value?

How much is it worth paying maximum?

What should be the minimum price?

We provide our clients with comprehensive assessment, accounting, tax and business advisory on these issues.

Financial due diligence


Do you want to increase your market share through acquisitions?

Acquiring a company can involve significant risks, which can be significantly reduced by hiring experts in advance to investigate the company in question.

Contact us for our due diligence services


Accounting advisory


Questions may arise in the life of every company, the answers of which require the assistance of a consultant.

Whether it is a new type of transaction or the optimization of existing processes, our colleagues are gladly at your disposal.

IFRS advisory


Need help managing complex accounting issues under IFRS?

Our colleagues are happy to coordinate the transition and prepare financial statements in accordance with IFRS.

Tax advisory


Have a complex taxation-related question?

Our colleagues will provide guidance on the application of tax regulations and help resolve any issues that might arise.

Our quality policy

Innovation and supervision – a guarantee of quality